Another long weekend in Parvati Valley !!

Life's greatest dilemma is when it's a long weekend and a production release on Friday night !! When you're not sure whether to plan or not!! But, Once a glimpse of mountain hits your mind, there's no going back :) Day 1: Delhi to Bhunter (The journey of 24 hours) Yes, It's 2 AM in the morning. Me , Varun and Ashutosh are like: We've seen a lot of releases, let's explore mountains. Let's have a call and plan out. Let's book the tickets and create a list of items, we'll pack in the morning and leave in the evening. Huh, Pretty fast? Why shouldn't it be? Morning 9 AM, Home: Mom: Hey, what happened? Why are you packing your stuff? Me: Mom, It's a long weekend. See you after 3 days :) I am sure, Varun and Ashutosh should have faced the same :P Afternoon 2 PM, Office: We'll be going to miss good food for next few days. Let's have something delicious :)      Picture: Been There Cafe Indirapuram | June 23, 2017 | 2:00

Bir-Biling : An Unforgettable Adventure

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving". - Lao Tzu The lines quoted above by "Lao Tzu" were evident with our planning. We planned the trip at the very last moment. And this was possible because of continual efforts by Varun. He keeps poking every hour "Let's go somewhere, why to waste such a beautiful weekend". Okay, We agreed. Then started the quest for finding weekend getaways. After few hours of search, Bir-Biling seemed very promising. It's a one shot weekend destination for trekking, Camping, and Paragliding. Since we had to do everything quickly, we decided to get a package and it was one of the best decisions on the whole trip. About the place: Bir-Biling is a Trekking, Camping and Paragliding destination in the heart of Himalaya's around 70 Kms from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Biling is situated north of Bir at a distance of 14 Kms on the way to Thamsar Pass trek, which is leading to Bada Bhangal t